Rachel Bublitz


Thank You For Supporting THE FANTASY CLUB

June 13, 2013

Yesterday we raised $575! Thank you to everyone who donated, and shared our project! Specially, I would like to shout out to: Katy Kessinger, Peter Townley, Stuart Bousel, Patrick Brennan, Lauren Alise Cooney, Jordan Stanway, Colin Potter, Laylah Muran de Assereto, and Colleen Egan! THANK YOU! There were also a few folks who generously donated that didn't wish to be publicly thanked, we know who you are and we thank you in our hearts!

We are 14% of the way there with only 15 days to go! Please, please, please, help us reach our goal! Every $1 helps, and anything that makes you laugh as hard as Barb the Phone Sex Operator deserves at least $1, right?

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Oh, ha! Here's the link again, for you to donate:


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