Rachel Bublitz


So Much Rejection

June 19, 2013

Got a lot of rejection letters this week. It's hard to get too upset by them when you're round-the-clock-busy, but I'm not going to lie… Some of them didn't feel so great. But in the long run, there are always more opportunities, and for many of these places that I got turned down from, there is always next year. It's comforting to know that I have a year of practice before I give it another shot. I recently discovered that how much I had grown as a writer in a surprising way… Well, it surprised me anyway…. About a week and a half ago we read The Fantasy Club our loud with the full cast for the first time. I hadn't read it since I edited it after the last staged reading back in June of 2012. And some of the scenes were pretty rough…

I took a few days, rewrote two entire scenes in Act I, and re-wrote the last 30 pages almost from scratch. I am a better writer now, and it showed. My director and actors were so excited to hear/read the new pages, and I was kind of amazed at my own growth…

So, getting back to all of those rejections… It's too bad that I won't be joining the line-up this year. I wish that I was, but, there is always next year! And I have my eyes and ears open to learn the many things I need to learn to get even better at this. So what I'm saying is, watch out… You ain't seen nothing yet.

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