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We're Close But We're Not There Yet! #thefantasyclub

June 25, 2013

If you haven't already given to The Fantasy Club kickstarter today is your day! We have only 3 days left friends, and we have $485 to go! It's okay if you can't spare a lot, every $1 helps!

We also need help spreading the word! So tweet us up (#thefantasyclub), post about us on facebook, and if you're really feeling generous, email friends and family! We will not got any of the money if we don't make it to 4k by Friday, we really need your help! Remember, if we make it to our 5k stretch goal we'll give everybody at the $25 level and above a pair of The Fantasy Club condoms!

We posted a new video today highlighting my super tasty cake! Watch it here. And tell your friends! Really! Please!

Thank you to some of our donors from yesterday; Thomas Kessinger, Abigail Rezneck, Randy Symank, Beth Zuckerman, Chas Belov, and Filthy Phil himself; Christopher Douglas Reed!

Let's get it done!


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