Rachel Bublitz


Summer Is Over, Time To Work

July 8, 2013


I know it's not actually over, but I feel like mine is. I've been out of town for over two weeks (minus the three days in between trips), and I managed to fit in a lot on those trips…. One might say all of summer… I went on a road trip, went to the beach, ate ice cream, saw summer-time movies, watched fire-works, read a few funny/light books, slept in, stayed up late, went to TWO baseball games, and wore shorts. I figured that since I'm so busy, I might as well cram in as much frivolous fun in while I could… But I'm back and ready to jump back in to things…

I've got to get a new draft of Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats ready before the end of the month so that I can submit it to Marin Theatre Company‘s new play contest, Aurora‘s GAP program, and a few other places… 31 Plays in 31 Days is around the corner (HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET?)! And I have a seriously crazy plan for tackling this year's challenge… I still need to find suitable childcare for my kids for when I'm in class… I need to put in my hours on my new play, and I need to tighten up my scripts for BABIES: The Ultimate Birth Control (and we have auditions tonight!)…. So, yeah, summer fun is gone… I'm ready for all that hard work fun! Bring it on!

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