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Only 3 More Weeks To Submit For PlayGround

July 10, 2013

PlayGround is currently accepting submissions for their 2013/2014 writer's pool, but time is running out! I was just reminded today that there are only 3 weeks left. I said it last year, and I'll say it again, I really want to get into PlayGround. If you don't know, PlayGround is a writer's group that throughout the year gives prompts to it's members, the writers then have 3 days to write a 10 minute play, and the best plays get a staged reading at Berkeley Rep. They use top notch directors, top notch actors, and I've heard that their casting director is an absolute genius. The amount of exposure you get as a writer is fantastic, not to mention all the connections you have the potential to make.

So, yes… Obviously it would be super awesome if I got it. This will be my third year applying, and I think I'm more nervous than ever. My first year, I was really confident… I'd written just one play, The Anniversary, and was just starting out on The Fantasy Club. I thought I was a shoe in, boy was I crazy! I cringe even thinking about that first play. Last year, I still had confidence, I submitted My Body, a play that I still have a lot of confidence. I knew that it was the one and only play in my arsenal to submit and so I did… And I still didn't get in… But hey, that's the life of the playwright. Most of the time, you don't get in.

This year, I have now written many more plays. I have plays that I consider to be very strong. But this is the first year that I have no clue what to send in. I still want it bad, but I just don't know what to give them… Sigh. So that's where I'm at, lots of plays, but I feel clueless as to what shows off my skills the best.

I know I'll figure it out, or even if I don't I know that I'll send them something. Being in PlayGround's writer's pool is too awesome an opportunity to pass up.

Have you submitted anything yet? You must live in the Bay Area, and they're looking for your best 10-minute play. Deadline is July 31st, so get cracking!

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