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Pint Sized Plays Opens 7/15

July 12, 2013

Want to know my number one theatre pick for July? The one event you must see this month, no matter how busy you may be? No, it's not The Fantasy Club, that's must-see, but it's in August, silly! I'm of course talking about San Francisco Theater Pub‘s Pint Sized Plays IV! Last year, I laughed until I cried, and I'm pretty positive this year will deliver the laughs again. How do I know? Check out this line-up:

Multitasking by Christian Simonsen, directed by Jonathan Carpenter

The Apotheosis of Grandma Shimkin by Sang Kim, directed by Charles Lewis III

200-Proof Robot by Kirk Shimano, directed by Neil Higgins

Tree by Peter Hsieh, directed by Colin Johnson

All Our Fathers by Carl Lucania, directed by Meghan O’Connor

The Last Beer in the World by Megan Cohen, directed by Tracy Held Potter

Mark +/- by Dan Ng, directed by Adam Sussman

Llama IV by Stuart Bousel, directed by Colin Johnson

See? SEE? It's going to be an excellent show.

Pint Sized Plays IV opens July 15th, at Cafe Royale in San Francisco at 8pm. There is a $5 suggested donation at the door. Other performance dates are:

July 16th, 22nd, 29th, 30th (all shows at 8pm).

I'm going the 16th, if you feel like being creepy and following me there. ALRIGHT! You have your instructions, see you at the show!

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