Rachel Bublitz


Emailing Strangers

July 17, 2013

Most of my emails are to people I know, or, when I'm submitting plays, it's to people who've asked for emails from strangers. I'm about to start emailing strangers that did not asked to be emailed at all. I know this is part of being a playwright, writing artistic directors and literary managers and say, “Hi! You don't know me, but I'm awesome, and you should come and see my work,” but I am not a huge fan of doing it. I'm sure these people get so many emails a day, and realistically mine will likely only be glanced at once, or deleted right off the bat. Sigh…

BUT! I must be strong. I must be strong for my work. My newest draft of Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats is here and I want the world to know it. I want the world to come and see this play… And, since the world will not fit into the Exit theatre for the reading (November 9th, one night only!) I have to try and convince people with theaters to come and watch the reading and hope that they are blown away and decide they must have Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats at their theater. The odds are against me on this, I'm an unknown playwright, my plays is over two hours, and there are nearly 20 characters in it. BUT! As I said, I must be strong for my work. My work is strong, it's the least I can do in return. So, here we go… Emailing strangers….

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