Rachel Bublitz


Rejection Tally

July 18, 2013

Yesterday I had a big submission day… In fact I may have fried my brain. I submitted 11 scripts and I emailed 7 theater companies/producers about an upcoming reading (Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats, November 9th!!!). Got me thinking about how close I'm getting to my submission goal for the year. As you may remember, I stole this idea from the awesome Megan Cohen, she mentioned that a goal of hers was to get 100 rejection letters in a year, and so I took it on as my own.

This year I have made a total of 107 submissions so far. I've had 50 rejections (yay! 1/2 way there!), 46 that I haven't heard back form, and 11 places have decided to use my work. I only have 166 days left in the year, here's to hoping I can make it to 100!

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