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AARDVARK, a monologue

July 21, 2013

Last night was another wonderful Saturday Write Fever at The Exit in San Francisco. If you're living under a rock, and not yet heard about Saturday Write Fever, I'll give you the run down… 3rd Saturday of the month, go to The Exit at 8:30, and sign up as an actor, writer, both, or just grab a seat. At 9, all the writers are given prompts and put into a room where they'll have 30 minutes to write a 1-2 minute monologue. At 9:30 the writers draw names of actors and the actors have a few minutes to read over the monologues before they jump on stage and preform the piece for us all to see. Got all that? Saturday Write Fever was thought up by Megan Cohen and Stuart Bousel and if you haven't yet made it out for this event, August 17th is the next installment, and I highly recommend being there!

Last night I was both an actor and a writer, my first time acting (what fun!). I pulled Spenser Bainbridge last night, and he totally rocked my monologue. It was TONS of fun. Here's my monologue:

###Aardvark by Rachel Bublitz

*Character is 12-14 years old, m/f.

Aardvark! Aardvark? Hello? You there? Aardvark, I'm sorry! Please come back… Have you seen my aardvark? He's this tall. He wears a red pointy hat, like from a birthday party. He ran away and its so cold out tonight. I miss him so. AARDVARK! I will not keep my voice down. I lost my best friend!… Yes, I know this is a library. We used to read Nancy Drew books. Right there, by the window. He loves a good mystery. We had a fight. I was… I needed to be alone! There are… I'm going through changes. I knew they were coming, I mean I have the internet! Yeah so I'm changing and sometimes I like to sit alone in my room looking at pictures of Ryan Seacrest. So what! My aardvark walked in, and well… There was more than looking going on and I yelled. I yelled at him. I told him, “Get out!” Threw a shoe and everything. No one should walk in on that! But now… Not I can't find him. You sure you haven't seen him? I just… Why does getting older mean you have to give up all the good stuff? And… And when you tell your imaginary friend to leave, where do they go? Aardvark? Aardvark! AARDVARK! No, do't make me leave, I don't care if everyone's staring! I don't want to grow up. You can't make me! I want my friend back. I want my aardvark. AARDVARK!


August 17th is your next change, be there or be square!

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