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New Play!

July 22, 2013

I'm writing something brand new, and it is terrifying. Pretty sure that means it is exactly what I should be working on right now. It's very different from what I thought I'd be writing right now (I was planning on spending the summer working on a science fiction play that would have a giant squid), but it is something that I've been trying to write for a long time… I think sometimes it just takes month for my mind to unlock the secret story within an idea.

It's surreal, and dark, and so far not funny (at least not to me, but I've been wrong before!). Want a taste? Course you do. Keep in mind this is super rough…

This conversation is between a woman, Camile, and her 13 year-old self, Milly… Probably won't make sense out of context, but I'm not sure it makes sense in context yet. That's what rewrites are for!

MILLY The truck pulled up.

CAMILE I’d seen it before.

MILLY Twice?

CAMILE Three times.

MILLY He asked for directions.

CAMILE He always asked for directions.

MILLY And I went to him.

CAMILE The first few times I didn’t get close.

MILLY But it was hard to see, I couldn’t tell where he was trying to go.

CAMILE I couldn’t see his map from far away. I got close to see the map.

MILLY He wasn’t wearing a shirt.

CAMILE Why wasn’t he wearing a shirt?

MILLY It’s the beach, it gets hot.

CAMILE Not in the middle of the night.

MILLY I got close.

CAMILE When I got close I saw he was totally naked.

MILLY When I got close I saw that he was…

CAMILE When I got close I saw that he was totally naked and touching himself.

MILLY I tried to get away.

CAMILE When I got close I saw that he was masturbating.

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