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Twas The Night Before Opening

August 1, 2013

And now a poem…

##Twas The Night Before Opening

Twas the night before opening, and all through the land

No creature was resting, none in the All Terrain band.

The costumes were finished, the lines were all learned

In hopes that fantastic reviews would be earned.

The stage manager ran all over the place,

Giving all of our fabulous actors great chase.

“Do you know where your props are supposed to be?

Put them away when you’re finished,” she begged with a plea.

When out of the chaos, our director arrived,

Solving problems is where she always thrived.

“Listen to one another, remember each cue,

Then the audience will surely love all they view!”

With a pen and notebook, I sit all alone

Watching my words have lives of their own.

“Can this really be true?” I wondered to myself,

My heart beats so fast I stop and question my health.

Before this play only lived in my head,

Now that it’s breathing, my heart fills with dread.

Will the audience laugh or demand back their money?

I do hope that my story is engaging and funny!

Then the director comes to me, seeing the fear on my face

She quiets my anxiety with her calm speech and her grace.

And I remember that plays are supposed to be put on

That’s why I wrote it, so the show must go on!

The stage manager shouts, “Places! We need to finish tech!”

Then everything’s quiet, for the sound cues we must check.

Will we see you tomorrow night? I hope that we will!

Because funny is funnier when all the chairs are filled!

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