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August 6, 2013

Oh, I am SO tired and exhausted! Opening a play is busy times! But The Fantasy Club was so much fun this weekend, I hope you get the chance to come this weekend if you missed the show so far.

Here is my FIRST play for 31 Plays in 31 Days… Yes, I know I am very behind. I'm not too stressed about it though, my plan is to catch up this week before closing weekend. Want to read it? You know you do… It's just a one-minute play, so you can handle it.

###Flowers At Breakfast by Rachel Bublitz

A one-minute play.


Hank, male, any race, mid thirties to mid fifties. June’s father. Sad, lonely, probably wears flannel.

June, female, any race, mid teens to mid twenties. Angry, and self reliant. June doesn’t need anyone.


A crappy diner.

JUNE and HANK are on stage.

HANK I brought you flowers.

JUNE I see that.

HANK Do you like them?

JUNE They’re fine.

HANK It’s good to see you.

JUNE Right.

HANK It is.

JUNE Well, thanks for breakfast.

HANK You’re leaving?

JUNE I have class.

HANK Can I see you again?

JUNE What’s the point?

HANK I’m your father.

JUNE Could have fooled me.

JUNE exits. End of play.

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Happy Tuesday!

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