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A Second Review And Only Two More Chances To See THE FANTASY CLUB

August 10, 2013

OH MY GOODNESS! Only two performances left! I'm hoping to spend Monday sleeping, but somehow think my children have other plans… Anyway, The Fantasy Club has tonight and tomorrow night, and then it will just be a hilarious memory amongst the lucky folks who got to see it. SO BUY YOUR TICKETS PEOPLE! We have good crowds for both nights now, but we love squeezing in close with our audience, so help us pack the house! You can get your tickets below or get them at the door.

ALSO, blogger/actor/playwright/director Charles Lewis III has a review up of The Fantasy Club up on his blog! Here are some of my favorite bits:

"Bublitz biggest strength as a playwright is balancing the over-the-top with the realistic.”

"And what fantasies they are! As choreographed by Daunielle Rasmussen, the first act sees each of the four main characters having their greatest sexual desire acted out for the audience’s cringe-worthy pleasure.”

"The performances are a pleasure to watch. The trick of Doherty’s performance as Frances is that she doesn’t want to stray from her marriage, but fate seems to be leading her towards it all the same. Doherty’s performance is nice balance between perky-but-waning optimist in the reality scenes and fiery dominatrix in the fantasies. Also effective are her two male co-stars: Jacob (Rob Dario), who goes from dreamy to anything-but over course of the play; and Max (Tavis Kammet), who clearly gets the funniest fantasy in the entire play.”

"It takes nothing away from the rest of the cast to say that the standout performance is that of Claire Rice as Samantha. As the character who goes through the most painful (and realistic) emotional journey throughout the play, Samantha acts as the harsh super-Ego to Frances’ budding Id. Potter and Rice (an effective director in her own right) make the wise decision to never take character so far out that an audience can’t relate to her, even during her most gut-wrenching scenes. She’s the one character who moves farther and farther away from a happy ending with every scene, yet she’s the one everyone will root for before the play is over.”

Read the whole review here: http://thethinkingmansidiot.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/my-beautiful-dark-twisted-fantasy/



*You can only get tickets for tomorrow night on Brown Paper Tickets.

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See you at the show!

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