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Play 24: SELF DEFENSE @31plays31days

August 15, 2013

And now a one-minute play I call Self Defense. This one was a lot of fun to write.

###Self Defense a one-minute play by Rachel Bublitz


Iris, f, 25 - 65, any race.

Helen, f, 25 - 65, any race.

Jamison, m, 35 - 85, any race.


A kitchen.

IRIS is on stage, HELEN enters.

HELEN I came as fast as I could.

IRIS It will not do a bit of good. He is going to die.

HELEN But I brought the antidote! You are saved!

HELEN gives IRIS a small vile.

IRIS Alas he lies lifeless on the floor! I called upon you too late!

HELEN Pull it together! There may still be hope. Where does he lay?

IRIS Behind the sofa in the big room, when I checked upon him last his breath was only slight.

JAMISON enters, goes to IRIS, and puts HIS hands around IRIS’ throat.

JAMISON You think a little poison can kill me?


HELEN takes out a gun and shoots JAMISON. JAMISON dies.

HELEN He’s dead.

IRIS Yes. But now we are back to the original problem.

HELEN No, my dear, now it is self defense.

End of play.

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