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August 23, 2013

So much awesome theater going on in the Bay Area, September is packed with it! Here are the shows that I'm most excited about:

###Shotgun PlayersBONNIE AND CLYDE, playing now - September 29th

Written by Adam Peck

Directed by Mark Jackson

"Over one feverish night in an unnamed southern town, a mythic couple comes to terms with their own mortality. With humor, desperation and tenderness, these icons are made human again, resolving their issues and getting their affairs in order. This potent blend of romance and violence echoes the power of the ancient Greeks. Based on a true story.”

I am a sucker for Shotgun Players. They do exciting, beautiful work. Plus Megan Trout is in it, and I think she's always fun to watch.

###Killing My Lobster and PlayGround‘s THE SHAKESPEARE BUG, playing September 6th - 29th

Written by Ken Slattery

Directed by M. Graham Smith

"Something’s rotten in the city of San Francisco. A modern-day Hamlet is forced to play out the story of his namesake when his eccentric family contracts a mysterious illness on Opening Night. Thrust into a world where actions are amplified to Shakespearean proportions, Hamlet finds himself caught in a revolving door of tragedy and comedy. He is forced to answer the question: If all the world’s a stage, how does he know what role to play?”

###All Terrain Theater‘s BABIES, THE ULTIMATE BIRTH CONTROL; TERRIFYINGLY HILARIOUS PLAYS ABOUT PARENTING at the SF Fringe Festival, playing September 7th (4pm), 14th (9pm), 15th (1pm), and 17th (9pm)

Oh yeah! My next show is coming up…

Written by Tracy Held Potter and Rachel Bublitz

Directed by Elena Wright


Alysha English, Matt Gunnison, Heather Kellogg, and Anna Smith.

"Worried your partner is coming down with baby fever? We’ll put a stop to that! Join us for tales from the sleepless side by harried moms Tracy Held Potter and Rachel Bublitz. You’ll gurgle, you’ll cry, and you’ll pee in your pants laughing. Bring your partner for better results.”

###Also in the SF Fringe Festival: SINGULARITEEN, playing September 7th (10:30pm), 8th (2:30pm), 14th (2:30pm), 20th (9pm)

A new play by Patrick M Brennan

Directed by Hester Schell

"This year, spend the apocalypse at home, with the family.”

###SJ Real‘s JANIS JOPLIN MIX TAPE, playing September 14th and 15th

A thirty minute after-hours show featuring local writers interpreting Janis Joplin songs! And I'm one of the writers.

Roughly 10:15pm at San Jose Rep!

The other writers on the project are: Peter Hsieh, Amber Sommerfeld, Megan Cohen, and Jeremy Cole!

###Masquers Playhouse‘s THE LIEUTENANT OF INISHMORE, playing now until September 28th

BY Martin McDonagh


"An Irish revolutionary’s fuse is lit by the sudden death of his beloved pet. This brutal and bloody, shocking and horrifying, and ultimately hysterical comedy by bad-boy McDonagh—perhaps today’s most exciting writer—is a commentary on the violence of our world. You’ll hate it. Until you love it!”

###BOA (Bay One Acts) Festival, playing September 14th - October 5th

13 different theater companies, 13 new plays, and 2 programs. Be sure not to miss any of BOA 13!


Custom Made Theatre Co.

Modernizing the Afterlife by Tracy Held Potter, directed by Katja Rivera

Do it Live!

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, based on the poem by T.S. Eliot, devised and directed by Allison Combs


Desiree by Sam Leichter, directed by Rob Ready

The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival

Write Dirty to Me by Daniel Holloway, directed by Sharon Robinson

Sponge Theater

Red All Over by Bennett Fisher, directed by Rem Myers

The Visible Theater

Last Couples Therapy Session on Earth by William Bivins, directed by Jon Wai-keung Lowe


All Terrain Theater

Inexpressibly Blue by Nancy Cooper Frank, directed by Robert Estes

FaultLine Theater

Two Pigeons Talk Politics by Lauren Gunderson, directed by Maria Calderazzo & Maxx Kurzunski

New Conservatory Theatre Center

Babes by Michael Phillis, directed by Sara Staley

Playwrights Foundation

My Year by Megan Cohen, directed by Siobhan Marie Doherty

San Francisco Theater Pub

Shooter by Daniel Hirsch, directed by Rik Lopes

Tides Theatre

Break of Day by Jeff Carter, directed by Brian Trybom

Wily West Productions

3 Sisters Watching Three Sisters by Ignacio Zulueta, directed by Kat Kneisel

Okay, you got a lot of options going on, get out there and see some shows!!!

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