Rachel Bublitz


BONNIE & CLYDE at Shotgun

September 2, 2013

On Friday night I was lucky enough to see Shotgun PlayersBonnie & Clyde. Now I've had a pretty serious theater crush on Shotgun for a while now, and Friday night did not help it out. I'm not sure I can recommend the show enough to you. It was fantastic, it was beautiful, it was heart-breaking, and all of the people should go and see it.

Joe Estlack (Clyde Barrow), and Megan Trout (Bonnie Parker) command the space, and I feel like all of the design elements (set, lights, sound, costumes) do as well. Shotgun Players did the play and the playwright, Adam Peck, proud. Well done Mark Jackson and all the folks at Shotgun who made it happen.

So go and buy tickets, and enjoy yourselves!

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