Rachel Bublitz


Sep 9, 2013

Binge Day Nine

It’s playwrightbinge day 9! I’ve made 13 submissions so far (trying to finish early, that’s kind of my thing). Anyway, my next submissions were all for one spot!

Independents Play(w)rights publish new plays! They have a ten-minute play contest going on right now. You can submit one play for each of their categories. And those categories are….

  • The Female Anti-Hero
  • Refurbished Fairy Tales
  • Deadly Comedies
  • The Empty Space
  • A Night at the Opera
  • The Not so Distant Future…
  • A Question of Life and Death
  • Dear Reader

Winning playwrights will be paid $75, and their plays will be published in an anthology. Please visit the contest page for all the details: http://independentplaywrights.com/pages/ten-minute-play-contest.

I sent in Baby Pie, My Body, Horny Like The Wolf, My Night With A Hooker, Good-Good Meal, and Nap Time.

Only 17 more submissions to go!