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Binge Day 11

September 11, 2013

I have submitted TWENTY FOUR scripts so far. That means I only have SIX more to go to complete this month's playwrightbinge. Completion is so close, I can almost taste it…

T. Schreiber Studio seeks full length plays for their New Works Project. Send them a treatment of your play, five pages of sample dialogue, your bio, and your resume. I sent them information and a sample of Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats, and this was submission #14. Deadline for phase one is 12/1/13.

Number 15 was my ten-minute play Mother Of The Year, I sent it over to Sticky in New York City. They want ten-minute plays that take place in a bar. Deadline is 11/1/13.

My 16th submission was to my school (San Francisco State University). I handed over Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats to be considered for the Jim Highsmith Playwriting Award. The play can be of any length and on a theme of Gay or Lesbian experience. You must be a student to submit for this one and the deadline is 9/23/13.

Also at my school, I submitted Rainbow The Clown, Bears At Midnight, and Self Defense to the SFSU Lit Magazine Transfer. This you must also be a student for. If you're keeping count that took care of submissions 17, 18, and 19.

For my 20th submission I sent Libra Theater Company The Fantasy Club. They're looking for full-length plays with four characters, that can all be played by 20-somethings. Bonus if your play could have original music or songs built into it. The deadline on this is 9/30/13.

Finally, I sent four plays over to Smith & Kraus for publication: They Fantasy Club, Nap Time, Good-Good Meal, and Baby Shower Games. They want plays that have been produced between May 1, 2013 - April 30, 2014. Email those to Lawrence Harbison.

So that brings me up to 24! Lots of more fun places to send things to, stay tuned for more submission opportunities!

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