Rachel Bublitz


Writing TWO New Plays

September 18, 2013

Just started work on TWO brand new, very different plays. Different from one another, and different from anything I've ever written. I'm trying to stretch myself and do my MFA all the way!

First off, I have (I think it'll be 30-45 minutes) a children's play (yes a play for children!) called either Clever Catherine, or The Clever Queen. It's adorable. And I've only had to stop myself from writing inappropriate things like a dozen times so far. Woo!

Number two is a HORROR play! You probably don't know this, but I'm a super wimp when it comes to scary things… Scary movies, scary shows, scary stories, they get to me. So I'm trying to funnel that into one scary f***ing play (see what I mean about the inappropriate things?). It will probably be called Rosie, Bloody Rosie. It is about a female serial killer, and after I wrote the outline, I had nightmares. 1/2 way through a very rough draft, and I'm itching to get it done so I can push my limits even farther with draft 2! It's going to be a long one-act (I'm hoping to land around 65-75 pages).

Excited? Good! So am I.

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