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I Am In The 2013/14 Writers Pool For PlayGround!

September 23, 2013

I have been sitting on this information for a couple of weeks, and that is HARD for me. But, now I can officially announce that I am in the writers pool this season for PlayGround! I am jazzed. I am pumped. I might be a little bewildered, but I'm working on that… Actually, when I first got the email, I was afraid that there was some mistake. That I would send in the required information and I'd get an email in return that started, “Oh, sorry…” Like a reverse of the SFSU slip up. But no! I am in, and I am totally in. Officially in!

This was my third time applying for the pool. Two years ago I sent in my very first play that I ever wrote, The Anniversary, which would eventually become The Fantasy Club. I was positive that I would be selected, which is hilarious because I knew absolutely nothing about writing plays, and practically nothing about the theater community that I was living in. Last year I sent in My Body, and I thought I had a pretty good shot, but again I was not selected. This year I sent in my ten-minute play Mother Of The Year, and had no idea if I was getting in or not, and then it happened. So keep trying, right? Keep submitting. If you want something, you shouldn't give up on the first no (or in my case the first two).

I will hopefully be at all of the Monday Night PlayGround Staged Readings and I hope to see you there! If you'd like to buy a subscription do that here! I have no idea if I'll be getting into any of the nights, but I will let the world know if I do! You can count on that.

Here are the dates for this year's Monday Night PlayGround Series:

October 21 @ 8pm

November 18 @ 8pm (Musical month!)

December 16 @ 8pm

January 13 @ 8pm

February 17 @ 8pm

March 17 @ 8pm

Hope you can make it out!

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