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BOA Tonight And Tomorrow

September 27, 2013

What are you up to this weekend? I'm excited because I'm seeing the Bay Area One Acts tonight and tomorrow! In fact, I'll be slinging concessions, so come by and buy something from me!

Last year I was blown away by the show I saw, and I just know that this year will do the same. The shows are at 8pm and both are at the Tides Theatre.

Here are the details of each program:

BOA PROGRAM ONE runs Sept. 28, Oct. 2 & 4 and features…

The Custom Made Theatre Co, Modernizing the Afterlife by Tracy Held Potter Directed by Katja Rivera

Do it Live! Productions, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Based on the poem by T.S. Eliot Devised and Directed by Allison Combs

PianoFight, Desiree by Sam Leichter Directed by Rob Ready

The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Write Dirty to Me by Daniel Holloway Directed By Sharon Robinson

Sponge Theater, Red All Over by Bennett Fisher Directed by Rem Myers

The Visible Theater, Last Couples Therapy Session on Earth by William Bivins Directed by Jon Wai-keung Lowe

BOA PROGRAM TWO runs Sept. 27 & 29, Oct. 3 & 5 and features…

All Terrain Theater, Inexpressibly Blue by Nancy Cooper Frank Directed by Robert Estes

FaultLine Theater, Two Pigeons Talk Politics by Lauren Gunderson Directed by Maria Calderazzo & Maxx Kurzunski

New Conservatory Theatre Center, Babes by Michael Phillis Directed by Sara Staley

Playwrights Foundation, My Year by Megan Cohen Directed by Siobhan Marie Doherty

San Francisco Theater Pub, Shooter by Daniel Hirsch Directed by Rik Lopes

Tides Theater, Break of Day by Jeff Carter Directed by Brian Trybom

Wily West Productions, 3 Sisters Watching Three Sisters by Ignacio Zulueta Directed by Kat Kneisel

Buy your tickets here: http://bayoneacts.org/tickets/!

Hope to see you there!

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