Rachel Bublitz


Geryon, Next Year's Monster

October 4, 2013

Next year I'll be writing the one-act about Geryon for SF Olympian Festival (November 15!). Who is Geryon, you might be wondering, well I will tell you… Geryon was a giant who tended cattle off on an island somewhere, minding his own business when Hercules came, stole his cattle, and killed him. It was a part of Hercules’ 12 tasks (the taking the cattle, he killed Geryon just as icing on the cake I guess). A few things drew me to Geryon… First, he wasn't wreaking havoc on anyone, unlike plenty of other monsters who were out for blood, but not Geryon. Second, there are many descriptions of him. Some stories he is a three headed monster, others a three bodied monster on two skinny legs, others he has wings, and one that I read he has three bodies that are joined at the stomach. And third, I like that he's so mysterious, and that he isn't one of the first monsters we think of when we think of the monsters in Greek Myths. In fact, I hadn't heard of him before the call for submissions came out!

The story that I'm planning on telling will be a modern interpretation of Geryon, taking place in a small town and involving a aging outsider and a popular youth. So, while you're counting down the days until you get to watch the staged reading of Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats, comfort yourself with thoughts of the grotesque giant Geryon and the adventures to come for next year's festival!

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