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So Many New Things

October 7, 2013

I have so many new scripts happening right now. It's strange because this isn't the way I normally work. Typically, I write one play until I'm 2 or 3 drafts in, and pleased with it. But now, I have 1st drafts, or half a draft of four plays! They're all one-acts, but they're long one-acts ranging from 30 minutes - 70 minutes, and they're all very, very different. How different? Well, I'll tell you…

I'm writing a comedic one-act about a mathletes team at a high school, with PG material and language and with eight characters (6 f, 2 m).

I have a first draft of a play that I'm probably calling You Will Survive Me, a one-act that is more on the dramatic side, and deals with abuse, and the relationship between mothers and daughters. It has 4 characters (4 f).

I'm half way through my first draft of Clever Queen which will hopefully be between 30 and 40 pages when I'm done. It's a children's play, as in a play for children to watch and/or preform in. Right now the cast has… 5, but that's probably going to get bigger. (as of now 1 f, 2 m, 2 f/m).

Rosie, Bloody Rosie (working title that will probably change) is my suspense/horror/serial killer play that'll hopefully be between 60-75 minutes, I have the first two scenes of this nailed down, and a outline of the rest. It has 5 characters (4 f, 1 m).

And those are the four I'm writing right now… My one-act for Geryon is starting to come together in my head, but I want to get further into these plays before I start a draft of that. Exciting! A little overwhelming! But that's what grad school is about, right? Pushing yourself, so that's what I'm doing.

Oh yes! And, the first topic for PlayGround will be announced this Friday at 9am! So I'll be writing a new ten-minute play this weekend. Fun!

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