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YOU WILL SURVIVE ME, first draft done!

October 10, 2013

It's hard for me to number drafts, because I edit pretty quickly, but I've started to go by it's a first draft until you hear other people read the whole thing out loud for the first time. And this weekend I'll get to hear the first draft of my new one-act You Will Survive Me for the first time! And for the first time, it's not funny. Serious business this play, I set out to write it to see if I could write straight drama (maybe it's tragedy?), and we'll find out soon enough!

You Will Survive Me chronicles two overlapping story lines with two different sets of mothers and daughters. So another exciting aspect of the play is that time and space is experimented with in ways that I haven't done before.

I look forward to Saturday, AND tomorrow, because tomorrow I'll start writing my first play for PlayGround! The topic will be announced at 9am. Want to read a draft? Because I'll probably ask all the people I know to read a draft… If you can and want to, email me!

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