Rachel Bublitz


Sonnets, Sonnets, Everywhere!

October 16, 2013

Working on my not-yet-titled all-girl math team play, and it's a lot of fun. One of the fun parts is that each of the 8 characters has their own monologues to the audience, where everyone else freezes, and they get to say what's going on in the mind (yes, I know it's nothing new), but the fun (and challenging) part for me is that I'm writing each of these as a sonnet! So extra challenging, because you probably know how I feel about writing poetry (I am not so good at it). But, it works really well in the script, and gives the actors something other than teen stuff to do. Did I mention it's a high school play for high schoolers? Because it is. So I have out my trusty rhyming dictionary, which is much harder to use than you'd think, and trudging through. I think this is a good warm up for writing my ten-minute musical next month for PlayGround.

I might need a place and a million actors to read this thing before I turn it in (actually only 9, but I could do it with less than that probably). Any volunteers? It's light and funny, and pretty short (20-30 minutes). Email me if you're interested!

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