Rachel Bublitz


Take Breaks!

October 17, 2013

I try and keep busy. I feel that no one is going to make me a widely produced playwright but me, and so if I want it to happen, I've got to make it happen. Makes sense, yes? And, on top of writing and keeping up with my homework, I have two little people I'm shepherding through the world. I know a lot of artists have busy lives, and I think for the most part this helps you with your art. You have a ton going on in life, who has time to write/draw/act? No one! You have to want it, you have to need it, and that's how being busy can help. At least it helps me, because it makes me plan and put time aside that I can work and create in.

All that being said, as much as being busy helps me, taking breaks helps me too. By the time Thursday rolls around in the week, I am fall-on-the-floor tired. So instead of running myself ragged trying to finish all the projects I have in development, I put on a Miyazaki film and doze on the coach while my kids watch. Yes I could be writing, or cleaning, or reading, or rewriting. But more than that, what my life really needs is a break.

One of the things that I love most in this world (other than my family and writing) is sleeping. Sleeping is one of the most luxurious things in my life, and sadly I don't often get the chance to lavish in it. So when I do, it makes me feel wonderful. It gives my brain a break from working out and fixing problems, and after taking a day or 1/2 day off I always feel energized and excited to pick my work back up again.

Give into breaks, and take them when you need them. If I don't I just become increasingly angry at all those around me and that usually doesn't help anyone. So, nap time? Yes please.

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