Rachel Bublitz


So Much Writing!

November 20, 2013

Today which started out being all about laundry, dishes, and making my house livable again, actually turned into a very productive writing day. Isn't it great when things sneak up on you like that? Yesterday I started putting words down for next year's Monster play Geryon, and then today I fixed what I had written and wrote a bunch more! And even better, I came up to walls because I realized that there were a few choices I needed to make before continuing! I also got a few books about small towns after I got many fabulous recommendations from friends, and so I am feeling great about my monster!

Also, I fixed a lot of problems with Rosie, Bloody Rosie! My lady-killer horror-play. And I kept trading back and forth which play I tinkered with, as I was faced with questions, and they were two really fun worlds to bounce back and forth from. AND, I've been told by the great Anthony Clarvoe that when you can procrastinate writing one play by working on another, you're in pretty good shape. So hooray for writing!

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