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Keep Writing, Stay Warm

December 10, 2013

Keep writing, stay warm, was my mantra this past weekend. Oh was it chilly. I'm from San Diego, where it's 72 degrees 90% of the time, so 30-40 degree temps are a bit too frosty for me. So, to fight the cold, I wrote! And wore sweaters.

I wrote two brand new ten minute plays for PlayGround‘s Holiday Extravaganza (the prompt was HOLIDAY RECIPE, remember?). I could only submit one, but I was glad to have written two scripts. In the four days I feel like I got them in great shape, and I'll be ready for next year's Christmas plays submissions with two brand new plays to submit! It was hard in the end deciding which to send in, but after two of the folks I had reading the scripts admitted that one of them brought tears to their eyes I went with that one. I figure that when you can do that in a ten minute play, something good is happening. So fingers crossed! The two plays I wrote are called: Mom's Ham and Welcome To The Family, and I sent in Mom's Ham. The plays will be announced on Friday, and the show is Monday the 16th at 8pm at Berkeley Rep. Get your tickets here: http://www.playground-sf.org/boxoffice/

In other writing accomplishments, I finished a poem that I translated from a short story that I read (my last project for my Craft of Translation class), finished a new draft of You Will Survive Me, and have started editing Rosie, Bloody Rosie for it's new draft. Everything is due this week because it's the last week of school. What will I do next week? After I get my Christmas crafts done, I'm very excited to jump into two new projects! I'll be working on Geryon (a 60 minute one-act commissioned by the San Francisco Olympians Festival for next year) and a play inspired by Pegasus, another proposal I sent in that I love too much to let go. Woo! I'm hoping to have drafts of these before my Spring semester starts up at the end of January. So as you can see, I'll be using my mantra the whole winter long!

Stay warm friends!

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