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One Class Left In My Semester!

December 11, 2013

Tonight, I will partake in the last class of my first semester as an MFA student at SFSU! Yesterday I turned in Clever Princess, my one-act children's play, as well as a poem I wrote for my final assignment in Craft of Translation. Tonight I'll turn in Rosie, Bloody Rosie and have my final Directed Writing meeting and say, “So long school, see you next year!” I'm excited. I'm planning a day devoted to crafting and pointless TV next week to celebrate. It will be fantastic.

And here's my final poem I wrote for Craft of Translation, in case you were wondering…


Translated by Rachel Bublitz

Into the room

Long and narrow like a hallway

Came young Enoch’s friends

Smoked cigarettes

Talked of art


Enoch wanted to talk

But didn’t know how

He stopped inviting

This blue-eyed man-child

Began to invent

People, sprits,

For conversation

A woman, sword in hand

A white-bearded old man

A young girl

Two dozen shadow people

And Enoch was happy

Enoch was too happy

She got to coming in

A musician

She knocked

The door opened

They sat

She was too big

He wanted to kiss

To touch

Her hands were strong

Her face was good

She looked at Enoch

All the time

Enoch told her about his


He couldn’t keep quite

One night

Enoch became mad

Maybe she had understood

All the time

Her eyes


Vile words





Out she went

Never to return

They followed her

She took his people away


All alone

It was warm and friendly

The room

Long and narrow like a hallway

But now

Now Enoch was all alone

Translated from the a short story called “Loneliness” from the book WINESBURG, OHIO by Sherwood Anderson. I'm reading this collection for research on Geryon, and this story blew me away. I might have to translate the story into a play one of these days. If you haven't read it, I completely recommend picking up the book!

Here it is:


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