Rachel Bublitz


A Look Back At 2013

January 2, 2014

2013 is over! 2014 is here! How do you feel about that? I feel pretty great. 2013 was a very exciting year for me. I had a public reading or production in each month of 2013 except for October. That's pretty exciting. I also directed for the first time in years, and I dipped my toes into producing as well. I also got rejected, accepted, and started grad school, which is a funny story all in itself (remember? Rejected from SFSU's MFA program followed by The Clerical Error). Lots of ups and downs in the theatre world, but also in my other worlds. My kids and I are figuring out my MFA schedule, it's an adjustment going from 24/7 mom to mom being away two nights a week and having homework. But in the ups section, Audrey Scare People Play happened in 2013! Audrey learned to read in 2013. And Jonah is starting to preform around the house (he's like a human sound effect machine), and it's great to see him blossoming now that Audrey's away at kindergarten. OH! And also in 2013, I got all A's for my first semester at SFSU! Woo!

So, all and all, 2013 was all right with me, and with 2014 coming after, I have pretty high hopes.

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