Rachel Bublitz


Tell Me About San Diego and Salt Lake City Theater

January 10, 2014

No, I'm not going insane asking about two totally different places. There's a method to my madness of asking about both the Salt Lake City and San Diego theater scene.

In hopes to broaden my theater network, I'm hoping to reach out to theater artists in both San Diego and Salt Lake City! I'm particularly interested in theaters/individuals out there trying to get new plays produced. Since I'm in both Salt Lake (that's where my husband is from and his folks and brother are still there) and San Diego (my home town!) throughout the year, I thought they'd be ideal places to meet new artists and broaden my horizons. So, are you familiar with the theater scenes in either of these cities? Email me your favorite spot to see theater (my email is rnbublitz@gmail.com), or people in the community I should try to meet. I'm also hoping to catch shows when I'm in these towns, so if you're involved in any upcoming shows, I'd love to hear about them as well!

Thanks everybody!

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