Rachel Bublitz


The Custom Made Theatre Co. Is Commissioning A Play From Me! @CustomMadeSF

January 21, 2014

Extremely excited to announce that The Custom Made Theatre Co. is commissioning a new full length play from me! This new play will join their monthly reading series during this coming summer.

The play will tell the story of an orphan named Daphne who is the subject of ridicule by other children and punishment by an uncaring caregivers. During one of her many tours through solitary confinement in the orphanage closet, Daphne's imagination brings the god Athena to her with a mission: find Pegasus. Armed with hope of a mission and belief in magic, Daphne sets out to find her noble winged steed, and in the process, comes face to face with the difficult truth surrounding the deaths of her parents.

There's going to be magic, dreams, and maybe even a circus in this play. My fingers are itching to start writing it!

Stay tuned so you can get all the details for the reading!

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