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I Am Back! Quiet Lightning and the Neo Futurists too!

February 9, 2014

A technical hiccup in my website kept me from blogging all last week, but luckily I have fantastic live-in tech support so I'm back! And there has been SO much I've wanted to tell you!

Last Monday (February 3rd), I made my Quiet Lightning debut, reading my short play Rewind. What a night! I was delighted to join the line-up of writers, and I really loved hearing the work from other writers!

If you're sad about missing the show, you should be! But not too sad, you can read the show here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/205568323/sparkle-blink-49

And watch the show here: http://litseen.com/?p=15673

Neat, huh?

I think so. And if you like what you see, and want to get involved, DO IT! They're lovely people to work with, and if you're a playwright who doesn't want to get on the stage you're free to bring actors to read your work for you. Find out about their submission details here: http://quietlightning.org/submission-details/

The next deadline is February 12th, so get on it!

ALSO, last weekend I was lucky enough to see Megan Cohen in the Neo Futurists’ show TOO MUCH LIGHT MAKES THE BABY GO BLIND at Boxcar. I cannot recommend this show enough. There are a lot of shows out there, and some of them are touching… Some of them are funny…. This show is both. Hilarious, absurd, and yet incredibly honest and personal. If you are in San Francisco, you have no excuses about missing this show. It runs 50 weeks a year, so get off your butt and make it out. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Here are the details:


(30 plays in 60 minutes)

Every Friday & Saturday @ 9pm

$15 + fees online

$10 + $1 times the roll of a 6-sided die at the door ($11 – $16)

Boxcar Playhouse

505 Natoma St

San Francisco

I also have to make a quick recommendation for This House Will Not Stand. It's a new play at Berkeley Rep by local playwright Marcus Gardley. I saw it last week and I love, love, loved it.

Lots else to tell, but you'll have to check back in later in the week! I have MFA, and teaching adventures to share, not to mention writing about prime numbers this weekend for PlayGround‘s math night challenge. Come back! It'll be fun.


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