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PLAYS and PICKS for May

April 25, 2014

It's almost May! Need some plans? Look no further…


###Much Ado About Mathletes

Written by Rachel Bublitz and directed by Kathleen Lee.

An all-girls mathletes team (that ponders in iambic pentameter) is shaken to it's core when it's asked to do the unthinkable… Let a boy join their team.

May 13 (Tuesday) at 8pm, May 15 (Thursday) at 8pm, and May 17 (Saturday) at 2pm.

Much Ado About Mathletes is in Program One of San Francisco State University's Spring Fringe Festival. The full line up is:

Knife Skills, by Luke Dani Blue

Inays’ Wedding Dress, by Conrad Panganiban

The Night Bus, by Patricia Reynoso

Much Ado About Mathletes, by Rachel Bublitz

All performances will be at the Little Theater at SFSU. For more details, or to RSVP, please visit the Facebook event page. Tickets at the door.


Tuesday, May 20th at 8pm, join me for a literary show down! I will be competing against another local writer on a topic I don't know yet! Venue TBA, check back for details!


###The SF Neo-Futurists’ Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind

"Theater you get to shout at. Check out our ongoing ever-changing attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes.”

$15 + fees online

$10 + $1 times the roll of a 6-sided die at the door ($11 – $16)

Boxcar Playhouse

See it Fridays & Saturdays @ 9pm

I cannot recommend this show enough. It's honest, it's brutal, it's hilarious, a little sticky, AND it's always changing! You can't see it too many times.

###Kristin Hersh's Rat Girl adapted by Stuart Bousel

Directed by Claire RIce

Running May 1-24 at the EXIT Theatre, a part of the 2014 DIVAfest.

"Part biography, part rock concert, part experimental theater, RAT GIRL is based on Hersh's memoir of the same name. It tells the story of how, in one year, she went from a gifted college student to an icon of art rock music when her band, Throwing Muses, was signed onto the British label 4AD Records. Along the way, Hersh discovered that she was bi-polar after a suicide attempt landed her in a mental hospital, and that she was pregnant with her first child. As much a story about one woman's struggle to live with her own particular demons as it is about the rise of a gifted and unique artist, the play is a surreal and often comical exploration of how we make peace with who we are.”

Buy tickets here.

###Saturday Write Fever XIII

Presented by the San Francisco Theater Pub at the EXIT Theatre.

Saturday May 10 at 8:30pm

"Every second Saturday of the month, we invite writers, actors, directors, theater creators and theater audiences alike to a free evening of quick script-making and flash-fried performance! Special guest host Sam Bertken will be drawing this month’s writers’ prompts from his very own SPAM-mail! Actors will then be paired with whatever the writers create from these missives from SPAMLAND and tasked with turning digital noise into dramatic brilliance!”

###The Crucible by Arthur Miller at Custom Made Theatre Co.

Directed by Stuart Bousel

Previews May 16-17 8pm, 18 7pm Opening May 20 8pm Runs May 22- June 15 $10-$35

"Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” is arguably The Great American Play, a classic story of individuals confronting the corruption within their society and standing up for their convictions under even the direst of circumstances.

"An infamous allegory for the McCarthy witch-hunts of the 1950′s, the action remains in 17th century Salem and concerns the persecution and state-sponsored murder of twenty outsiders by their friends and neighbors for alleged affiliations with the supernatural world. “Ultimately, “The Crucible” is a study of how power is wielded- and opposed- in any community; this enduring show contains some of the most gripping scenes in modern theater and remains wildly popular wherever and whenever it is produced.”

Buy tickets here.

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