Rachel Bublitz


I Am A Young Ambassador For The Dramatist Guild @dramatistsguild

May 29, 2014

Earlier I posted on my Facebook page about exciting news, and here it is folks: I will be joining the Young Ambassador Program with the Dramatist Guild!

What is the Young Ambassador Program, you ask? Great question! Well, it's a new program aiming to get younger playwrights involved in the Dramatist Guild. It's in the beginning stages so a lot of details are still to be worked out, but it seems that I will assist our Regional Rep, Suze Allen with creating events and programs aimed at helping young playwrights! My brain is already going 90 mph, thinking up events aimed to attract young artists, but if you can think of ways that you'd like to be supported, email me!

Be sure to check back and find out, as I do, what this ambassador business is all about!

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