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Submit Your 2015 SF Olympians Proposals Now Through September 30

September 2, 2014

The San Francisco Olympians Festival is taking submissions for their 2015 festival:


If you are a writer and live in the Bay Area, apply. Don't think about it, just do it. This has been one of the most rewarding community of artists that I have ever worked with. So get on it. NOW!

Here are all the details from their website:

Want to write for the Olympians Festival?

Well, now is your chance!

We are now accepting submissions for the 2015 San Francisco Olympians Festival, a multi-discipline, nationally recognized new works theater festival based at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco!

Proposals due by midnight on September 30th, with the line-up for next year’s festival to be announced 11/1/2014. Our first meeting will be on December 12 of 2014.

The festival will take place in November of 2015, from November 4-November 21, Wedesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8 PM.

Each night of the festival will consist of the staged reading of either a full-length play or a series of shorts, inspired by the mythical gods and heroes of Ancient Greece. The subjects, and the lengths of the plays we’re looking for, are specified below.

There are no submission fees. The Olympians Festival is non-exclusive and does not retain ownership of any play created for it, beyond the initial staged reading. Participating writers should be local (San Francisco and the greater Bay Area), and will be expected to help promote the festival and contribute a raffle prize of their choice to be raffled off to the audience on the night their play is read. Writers are also expected to attend 4-6 meetings over the course of the year, and our auditions, which happen in September.

Writers are encouraged to submit as many proposals as they want for as many topics as they like. Applications for a topic can be submitted by individuals or writers can work in pairs, or teams of three or more. Writers may be picked for more than one project, and should note that they’d like to be considered for more than one (or not). Each proposal should be 500 words or less and answer three questions:

  1. Why you?
  2. Why this figure?
  3. What is your idea?

All proposals should be submitted electronically to Stuart at sfolympians@gmail.com.

2015′s subjects are as follows. Only one is currently claimed and submissions are encouraged for all of the rest:

##Week One: THE DIVINE AQUATIC (11/4-11/7)

###Wednesday, November 4: The Trumpeter

Full-Length: TRITON, royal Prince of the sea, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, leader of the mer-folk, the sound of his trumpet was the roar of the waves.

###Thursday, November 5: A Bevy of Beauties

Short: THETIS, goddess of the tides

Short: INO LEUCOTHEA, goddess of seagulls

Short: PSAMATHE, goddess of sandy beaches

Short: DORIS, goddess of fish

Short: BRIZO, protectoress of sailors

Short: GALENE, goddess of calm waters

Short: CYMOPLEIA, goddess of the waves

Short: EURYBIA, goddess of sailing

###Friday, November 6: Old Men of the Sea

A pair of mysterious, prophetic sea gods who may actually be the same figure, and to this day echo with the mystery of secret cults.

Full-Length: NEREUS and PROTEUS

###Saturday, November 7: The Ruling Couple

One-Act: POSEIDON, god of the sea

One-Act: AMPHITRITE, his queen

##Week Two: ARGONAUTICA (11/11-11/14)

###Wednesday, November 11: The Crew

Act One: Singles

Short: ATALANTA, the only female crew, greatest hunter on earth

Short: ORPHEUS, famed musician whose song defeated the sirens

Short: TELAMON, the helmsman

Short: ADMETUS, whose life would cross the paths of many heroes

Act Two: Pairs

Short: CASTOR/POLLUX, twin brothers, one mortal, one divine

Short: CALAIS/ZETES, twin brothers, winged, sons of the wind

Short: PELEUS/LAERTES, young kings who would one day father the two great heroes of the Trojan War- Achilles and Odysseus

Short: HERACLES/HYLAS, the greatest hero who ever lived and the cabin-boy he loved and lost

###Thursday, November 12: The Captain

Full-Length: JASON, orphaned at birth and sent on a quest to reclaim his rightful throne, Jason has been both honored and demonized throughout the years, but his quest remains second only to the Odyssey as the greatest sea voyage of western literature.

###Friday, November 13: The Girl

Full-Length: MEDEA, princess, sorceress, murderess, Medea is one of Greek mythology’s most complex female figures, both reviled and revered and one of the few mortals to achieve god-hood, but at a terrible cost.

###Saturday, November 14: The Ship

Full-Length: THE ARGO, the greatest ship of the classical era, complete with a talking masthead in the likeness of the goddess Hera.

##Week Three: FATHOMLESS BLUE (11/18-11/21)

###Wednesday, November 18: Masters of the Surf

One-Act: AKHEILOS, god of sharks (CLAIMED)

One-Act: DELPHIN, gold of dolphins

###Thursday, November 19: Island Rulers

One-Act: AEOLUS, keeper of the winds and king of a floating island

One-Act: CIRCE, the original sea-witch, daughter of Helios, mistress of magic, lover of Odysseus and mentor to Medea

###Friday, November 20:

One-Act: OCEANUS, the Titan who ruled the ocean that surrounded the world and which carried the Sun and Moon from set to rise

One-Act: TETHYS, his Titan bride, mistress of the deep seas and all that lived there.

###Saturday, November 21: The Bottomless Deep

Full Length: PONTOS, the first water god, son of Ouranos and Gaea, Pontos is the primordial ocean, the bottomless deep, the Abyss, the mystery and miracle of water.


Short- Ten to Fifteen Minutes

One-Act- Twenty-five to Fifty Minutes

Full Length- Sixty Minutes to Two Hours

So get on it, send in those proposals. NO EXCUSES!

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