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Week Two Of The San Francisco Olympians Festival @SFOlympiansFest #sfolympians5

November 10, 2014

Had a stress nightmare last night where I was not only late for my SF Olympians reading, but I had to bring my 4 year old son because no one could watch him, which can really mean only one thing, the second week of the San Francisco Olympians Festival V: The Monster Ball is HERE! Rejoice in the streets! Dance a little jig! Have panic-riddled dreams - your choice!

Week two is made up entirely of monster battles! Each night features plays based off two different monsters, and YOU, the audience decides which monster wins and which monster we slaughter off stage. Get ready folks, it's going to be a ferocious week of new plays!

#Week Two: Celebrity Monster Deathmatch!

##Wednesday, November 12: Deadly Dragons

###TYPHON or THE BOOK OF TYPHON by Colin Johnson, directed by Colin Johnson

When a bizarre, withered text falls into the possession of one Malcolm Bodwin, it exposes him to the world’s oldest, most unspeakable evil.

###HYDRA by Tonya Narvaez, directed by Tonya Narvaez

A family’s monsters come back to terrorize them. How far will they go to hide their past?

##Thursday, November 13: Evil Eyes

###ARGUS by Peter Hsieh, directed by Rory Strahan-Mauk

After an embarrassing “Swan incident” scandal, Hera summons super surveillance drone Argus to spy on her husband Zeus. Trouble ensues when Hera discovers that Zeus had picked up a girl he met at a night club and turned her into a heifer in order to keep her hidden. Featuring sex, violence, blackmail, scandal, indestructible private jets, Ryan Gosling Mods, and Lars Von Trier’s entire filmography.

###POLYPHEMUS by Vince Faso, directed by Rory Strahan-Mauk

Polyphemus, the hulking, savage, man-eating Cyclops, was outsmarted, blinded, and humiliated by the crafty Odysseus. Years later, when fate brings them together again, will there be room for forgiveness, or just dessert?

##Friday, November 14: Three Heads Too Many

###CERBERUS or HELLHOUND by Allison Page, directed by Allison Page

Six attractive 18 year olds fueled by teenage lust go camping in the woods and stumble across The River Styx, causing a three headed monster to pursue them with bloody fervor. It’s The Breakfast Club meets Cabin In The Woods meets a giant three-headed hellhound. Button up that letterman jacket – it’s going to be a bumpy night.

###CHIMERA by Annie Paladino, directed by Addie Ulrey

A patchwork play for a patchwork monster, CHIMERA smashes together three stories–from the past, a dreamy version of the present, and an imagined future–of women who are not at ease in their own skin. Literary heroines, a woman whose body is literally coming apart at the seams, and a robotic superhero toy in need of a replacement head are spliced together to form the ugly, baffling monster that is this play.

##Saturday, November 15: Lone Hunters

###GERYON or THE RED HOUSE MONSTER by Rachel Bublitz, directed by Ariel Craft

The largest house on the island sits high upon a hill, chains wrap around the doors and windows. No one can remember if these barricades were intended to keep the villagers out, or to keep the inhabitants within.

###MINOTAUR by Veronica Tjioe, directed by Veronica Tjioe

A play for anyone who has ever felt lost and a profound sense of “in-betweeness” and would please like to know which way is out, thankyouverymuch. It is also good for lovers of cheap wine, close friends, and the merits of a nice ball of string.

Great line-up, right?

Not sure if you caught it but Saturday will be the reading of THE RED HOUSE MONSTER! I hope to neither be late, or bring my rowdy son. But you should come! Unless you're four, then I think it would be best to stay at home, but bravo for reading!

Just like last week, aLL the shows are at 8pm, and at the Exit Theatre located in downtown San Francisco (Google Map of the Exit).

And tickets for all shows are $10 at the door, CASH ONLY!

See you there! I'm so excited!

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