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Check out what @SFWeekly has to say about @playgroundsf's Planet Earth New Play Fest #newplay

November 12, 2014

Lou Fancher from SF Weekly wrote about PlayGround‘s Planet Earth New Play Festival yesterday! You should read it! You should ALSO come out for the next Monday Night PlayGround happening THIS Monday, 11/17 at Berkeley Rep! The topic is: NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT. They'll be announcing the 6 plays Friday so pay attention!

While we wait though, here are some highlights from the article:

"Perhaps the most delectable aspect of the PlayGround ethos — other than raw expression on intensely relevant subjects — is its affirmation of Bay Area artists. This isn't amateur hour; it's amazing. Even if one or two of the six scripts is sour (or more often, blasts off with promise, then fizzles), audiences are still treated to a display that is 100 percent talent. It's not just the actors’ beauty, rage, physical comedy, deft vocalization, subtle delivery, clever prop-handling, or striking use of language that leaves an impression. Behind the action are solid writing chops.”


"Saving a life was out of reach in RREADING BABAR IN 2070 by Rachel Bublitz. Elephants were already extinct, the parents of a young girl revealed, breaking their daughter's heart and sending stuffed animals flying. “You let the elephants die!” the girl raged at her parents, convincingly.”

It's always exciting to read about something I've written by someone I have never met. Here's the whole article: Environmental Studies: PlayGround’s Inventive Playwriting Series Opens with a Question That Plagues Us All: Are We Totally Screwed?, get on it!

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