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Week Three Of The San Francisco Olympians Festival @SFOlympiansFest #sfolympians5

November 19, 2014

The third and final week of the 2014 San Francisco Olympians Festival is here! Last chance to get your monster on! Don't miss it!

Here's some more info on the last four readings:

#Week Three: Femme Fatales

##Wednesday, November 19: Triple Threats - TONIGHT!

###SIRENS or THE SISTERS SIRENE by Amelia Bethel and Christine Keating, directed by Libby Vega

The five Siren sisters have been maintaining chaos and bringing sexy back for millennia, but what happens when one sister longs for a new, less brutal, life? If you like sex and gore, with a sprinkle of mythological fervor, you'll love The Sisters Sirene.

###THE GRAEAE by Madeline Puccioni, directed by Libby Vega

The Three Graeae are the oldest goddesses in the world…so old they only have one eye and one tooth between them. Enyo's the grumpiest, Deino is the best chef, and Pamphredo can still shape shift into a swan or a siren…sometimes both. Then she falls in love with Perseus, who will betray them all to find out where their sister Medusa lives…

###HARPIES by Victoria Chong Der, directed by Libby Vega

Never mess with sisters.

##Thursday, November 20: Dangerous Brains

###SPHINX by Jeremy Geist, directed by Christine Keating

After Oedipus guesses the Sphinx's riddle, the Sphinx's writing staff desperately tries to come up with a new one.

##November 21, 2014: Dangerous Beauty

###MEDUSA or BEAUTY SECRETS * by Andrew Saito, directed by Rem Myers

Medusa, a Kim Kardashian-esque celebrity, has an accident that severely scars her face and head while filming her first major movie, playing Helen of Troy. She retreats into seclusion. Years later, Medusa takes a blind sculptor as her live-in lover. His brother, Percy, an Air Force veteran, soon visits. He recognizes Medusa from her former life, and decides to share her face with the world.

*Beauty Secrets by Andrew Saito was co-commissioned by the Cutting Ball Theater where Saito is the current Andrew Mellon Foundation Playwright in Residence.

##November 22: Vagina Dentata

###CHARYBDIS by Ashley Cowan, directed by Melinda Marks

It’s the night before Thanksgiving in an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Only, things aren’t that anonymous when you’re starving and you run into your old high school classmates. So grab a snack and learn the tale of the lady who turned a sea monster for having an appetite.

###ECHIDNA by Neil Higgins, directed by Melinda Marks

A serial killer is terrorizing San Francisco. Can gritty, play-by-his-own-rules Detective Argus stop the killer in time? Or has he finally met his match?

###SCYLLA or DEATH BY THE HALF-DOZEN by Christian Simonsen, directed by Melinda Marks

Scylla is about to devour six of Odysseus’ battle-weary sailors. But instead of hungry reptilian jaws, each victim will see a vision of the one person in his life that inflicted - or received - the most pain. Are a woman's tears really sharper than a serpent's tooth?

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