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Black List Re-Cap

November 8, 2015

The Black List Mini-Lab came and went and I've been so under water on homework and other writing obligations I forgot to let you know how it went! IT WAS AMAZING! But it's not just me that thinks that, check out Scott Myers’ blog to hear from all of the participating writers: http://gointothestory.blcklst.com/2015/11/reflections-of-black-list-san-francisco-mini-lab-writers.html. AND, if you're at all interested in writing for the screen, Scott Myers’ blog is something you should be reading anyway.

Here's a bit of my experience from the lab:

"The Black List mini-lab turned my brain to mush in the best possible way. I am new to writing screenplays, Girl Friend, the script that was workshopped, is actually my first attempt to write for the screen, having only written plays up until now, and so I knew I would have a lot of catching up to do. We started off the weekend with a peer review session, lead by the brilliant script-whisperer Scott Myers. He had us answer some hard hitting questions, things from, what inspired you to write this script, to, what about your script needs the most work, and after a brief discussion of our answers told us not to worry and to stay strong. This was my first moment of wondering, what have I gotten myself into? I’ve had many peer review and workshop experiences in the theater, but maybe they’re more cruel in the movies? It wasn’t long until I understood exactly what he meant.”

To read the rest, follow the link above! Yes, I'm using click bait to get people to leave my website, I'm a wild one line that.

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