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OF SERPENTS AND SEA SPRAY opens next week at Custom Made Theatre

January 2, 2016


Nearly two years ago Of Serpents & Sea Spray was commissioned by Custom Made Theatre and it less than a week it will be up on its feet in front of audiences, and I'm feeling all the things in all the places. It is SO strange to have toiled over the words that comprise this play on my computer for so long, in a very single-dimension type of way, to then hand off these words and have people give them costumes and props and sounds and lights and life and all of the elements that up until this point I had just imagined in my head. Little choices I made in a flick of a second became debates and complications. Meaning between lines that I never imagined were discovered. And much, much, much more. AND, soon people will come and watch the play and either love it or hate it, or something in between it. And in this waiting time I just might explode. I'm starting to think that I might not be the best company this week, but luckily I'll be at rehearsal for most of it.

If you haven't yet please get your tickets for Of Serpents & Sea Spray! Apart from it being a huge deal to me, it's a huge deal to the wonderful folks working around the clock to make it happen. From my sensational director, Ariel Craft, who has helped foster this play throughout the last year, to the dedicated actors giving life to the characters I created, Andrew Calabrese, Sabrina DeMio, Laura Domingo, Maria Leigh, Maria Marquis, and Heren Patel, to our tireless creative team Sophia Craven, Nikki Eggett, Brooke Jennings, Erik LaDue, Stewart Lyle, Florence McCafferty, Kitty Torres, and Ryan Lee Short, and of course everyone else at Custom Made Theatre, especially, but not limited to Brian Katz and Leah Abrams.

Of Serpents & Sea Spray has previews this Thursday and Friday (1/7 and 1/8) and it opens on Saturday (AHHH!) 1/9 running until 1/30.

Here's the link for tickets: www.custommade.org/serpents/

Will I see you at the theater? Hope so!!!!!!

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