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31 Play in 31 Days Kicks Off Today

August 1, 2016

Back in 2012 I was with my good friend and collaborator, Tracy Held Potter when 31 Plays in 31 Days sprang into being. I had just started to write plays the year before and I had no clue what I was doing. I knew I loved it, I knew I wanted to get better at it, and so the best course of action in my mind was to write more. I decided to challenge myself that year to write 31 brand new plays during the month of August. When I told Tracy about it, I honestly expected her to try and talk me out of it. That though, she did not. Instead, she thought we should let people do it with us. I told her flat out she was crazy, I told her there was no one else nuts enough to do something like this. Boy, was I wrong.

Today kicks off the fifth year in a row of 31 Plays in 31 Days. Each year we have playwrights from around the country, and even a handful around the world, that give themselves this demanding daily deadline for the rest of the month. I've had a lot of plays come out of it, and though I don't always write each year, I still am of the mind that it never hurts to challenge yourself to do a crazy big thing.

For the past few years the challenge has been run by Topher Cusumano, and each year it gets better and better. Today a whole lot of people are stretching their fingers and scratching away at ideas. If you're feeling limber and in the mood to stretch those playwright muscles, I can't recommend enough giving it a go. You'd be surprised at what comes out when you think you've reached the end of your inspiration.

Like in years past we're also selling some pretty sweet playwright swag, if you're feeling like you don't own enough shirts promoting playwriting in your life, head over to our TeeSpring and put in an order, we have new styles and colors this year (and STICKERS!). All money will go back into the challenge, funding our submission process as well as the website hosting costs.

Okay! You have your orders, go out and write some plays. Happy writing and happy August!

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