Rachel Bublitz


January 2017 Submission Tally

February 1, 2017

One month of 2017 is over and we're (mostly) still here. I was busy all last month trying to push out my first draft of NO MAP, (which I did!) but I also filled any down time with sending plays out to folks. I don't have an exact goal for submissions this year, with writing six new full-length I wanted to give myself a break on submissions if I needed it. But if the rest of the year goes like January, I won't need a break; after crunching the numbers looks like I sent forty two scripts last month. FORTY TWO.

I am a firm believer than no matter how good you are at writing, getting things picked up is a game of numbers. The more you send out, the more chances you have to get in. So I'm really hoping to keep up this momentum all year.

And I have another big thing on the horizon! A new opportunity popped up yesterday that I'm over-the-moon about. I can't say yet because things aren't official, but I will say that it looks like I'm about to be very very busy. Make sure to look out for the exciting news next week!

All right, let's do this February!

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