Rachel Bublitz



April 25, 2017

2017 keeps chugging, and I'm still on track for churning out SIX new full-length plays for my six new play plan for the year. Up now: CHEERLEADERS VS ALIENS, a commission from the Egyptian Youtheatre!

This year, on top of writing six new full-length plays, I also wanted to stretch myself as a writer. The first play NO MAP, is a hot mess, but it's also a style of play I've never written, something that plays with time and structure and doesn't follow a typical arc. LET'S FIX ANDY, is an all male cast, another first for me. And CHEERLEADERS VS ALIENS is a LOT of things I've never tackled before: it's a full-length play intended to be performed by high school students, it's a full-length sci-fi play, and (most challenging of all) it will have a cast of AT LEAST TWENTY. The task is a little daunting, but I can't wait to jump in and figure this one out. After all, playwriting is not for the faint of heart.

More on CHEERLEADERS VS ALIENS soon, including the director whom I'll be meeting for the first time later this morning. Go Tuesday go!

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