Rachel Bublitz


OF SERPENTS & SEA SPRAY's Final Weekend Starts Tomorrow

May 2, 2017

The final weekend for This Is Water Theatre‘s OF SERPENTS & SEA SPRAY production kicks off tomorrow, May 3rd and then the play closes May 6th. Which means that if you're in the College Station, Texas area, you only have FOUR more chances to see OF SERPENTS & SEA SPRAY. Or, if you're not in the College Station area, but love to drive/fly long distances for theater, you also only have FOUR more chances to see the show with This Is Water Theatre as well.

One audience member shared his thoughts with me via Facebook after seeing the show:

"Rachel, your work is absolutely superb. I went with a few of my friends last evening and all of us connected with the story and the characters. It balanced brilliantly between offering hints as to the overarching plots while still keeping you in the dark until the end. Each character was complex and the multiple casting for each actor works perfectly. I can't wait to see more of your work!”

So go, go, go, and see the show! Tickets available here.

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