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Updated Casting Call For Wyoming Theater Festival

May 2, 2017

Hey hey Salt Lake Actors! The Wyoming Theater Festival has extended its casting call to include all three shows for their 2017 Season! Posted below is their updated casting call, for consideration email your headshot and resume to DannyLee Hodnett until May 10th. Housing and a stipend included. Get on it!

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6 Equity contracts and 12 non-Equity contracts are available. Housing is provided for all actors. Rehearsals begin Aug. 21 and the show closes Sept. 17.

Please send your headshot/resume to dhodnett@sheridan.edu by Friday, May 10th for consideration.

The Wyoming Theater Festival is seeking actors for a development production of 3 new plays.

Casting Breakdowns follow the descriptions below:

  1. Kenneth Jones’s new play, “Hollywood, Nebraska,” directed by Scott Alan Evans, artistic director of off-Broadway’s The Actors Company Theater (TACT). Jones’s play “Alabama Story” premiered at Pioneer Theater Company in 2015 and will have had productions in 10 cities by the spring of 2018. “Hollywood, Nebraska” is his latest play. 2 Equity contracts and 4 nonEquity contracts are available for this play.

“Hollywood, Nebraska” takes place in the panhandle of Nebraska, where two actresses of a certain age are making a homecoming in their small town. Jane’s in from L.A. to check up on her ailing mother. Andrea’s back from New York to bury her father. A romantic, rueful new comedy about the urge to be creative, the itch to move away and the ache of reconnecting with the family and feelings that you left behind.

  1. Emmy award winner Mark Saltzman’s new musical, “Another Roll of the Dice,” directed and choreographed by Larry Sousa, winner of LA Drama Critics Circle, and LA Ovation awards. Mark Saltzman’s works have been performed coast-to-coast from Manhattan’s Roundabout to the Pasadena Playhouse and beyond. “Dice” is his fourth play to be developed in Wyoming. 2 Equity contracts and 4 non-Equity contracts are available for this musical.

“Another Roll of the Dice” might well be called “More Guys, Other Dolls.” But this is not quite a sequel to “Guys and Dolls,” which was also based on Damon Runyon's famous Broadway tales. “Dice” will present three separate Runyon tales enhanced, as “Guys and Dolls” was, with songs of Frank Loesser, some rarely performed gems, most iconic songs from his catalog of hits, like “Heart and Soul,” “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” “See What the Boys in the Back Room Will Have,” “Two Sleepy People.” The songs and stories will be blended in the best tradition of musical comedy style.

  1. Gabrielle Sinclair’s latest work, “The Resolute: A Victorian Girl’s Guide to Baseball” directed by Colleen Britt, resident director of Infinite Variety Productions, NYC. This will be Britt’s 3rd production with the Wyoming Theater Festival. 2 Equity contracts and 4 non-Equity contracts are available for this play.

“The Resolute” takes us to an America scarred by the Civil War where, in upstate New York a revolutionary experiment in education is commencing: The nation’s first liberal arts college for women. Vassar, is opening its doors to 353 young female students from around the country. And one student, Elizabeth, urged on by the women in her intensely political family, is determined to make something of herself. So she does something big: She starts a baseball team for women.

Located in beautiful Sheridan, WY, the Wyoming Theater Festival is dedicated to launching new plays and musicals as well as retooling worthy neglected works.


JANE, 40s. A talented L.A.-based actress, twice-divorced and ready for reinvention. Tough exterior, defensive about where she is in her career but has a cool, laid back, independent confidence of a leading lady you’d see on television. The sort of person who is used to being right.

ALMA, 70s. Mother of Jane. Small-town widow. Not worldly, perhaps even narrow. Everybody’s “mom” figure. Beneath her homespun wisdom and her passion for local tradition is a bitterness about how life turned out.

ROBERT, early 50s. A widower, a carpenter/contractor native to Nebraska. Salt of the earth. An idealized “regular guy” — a veteran, a great dad, entrepreneurial/self-employed and optimistic. Can flirt but when exposed can be taciturn.

KATIE, 15-16 years old, in high school. Robert’s daughter, who wants to be an actress one day. Optimistic. Eager to learn. The kind of kid you want to have as your daughter.

ANDREA, 40s. A New York actress clinging to the illusion that she is/was a successful actress. No edit button. A delicious, dark-humored object of desire unlike anyone in this small-town. A creature whose well of sadness/disappointment is deep. Ideally, an actress with piano/singing skill but not a must.

LANCE, 30s, can look younger. Salt of the earth worker-bee. Not worldly, not deep. A catch without knowing it. A survivor. Hides a hidden artistic talent. Ideally, an actor with piano skill but not a must.


Here’s a quick breakdown for the six characters. They are all playing multiple characters as described in detail further below.

In short, it’s this combo:

Two MUGS - 35-55

One GUY – 25-35

One DOLL – 25-35

One BOY - 18-25

One GIRL – 18-25

All actors must sing, move well, and be excellent at playing multiple comic characters. Note: Legit sounding voices are not a necessity; actors with character voices are welcome.

THE TWO MUGS - CHARLIE MUG and MOOSE MUG are two classic Guys and Dolls gangster types. Baritone or tenor, doesn’t really matter. Comedy chops do, especially playing multiple characters. Age 35- 50. All body types welcome.

GUY: Male, late 20’s - early 30’s. Handsome, trim, manly, a leading man type. Baritone or tenor.

DOLL. Flashy, Broadway “doll,” womanly, attractive, mid-20’s – mid-30’s. Broadway belt/mezzo.

GIRL: Classic musical comedy “ingénue” 18-22. Her slim girlishness should contrast with the womanliness of DOLL. Mezzo or soprano OK.

BOY: Male 18-25. Classic musical comedy “boy.” Tenor would be nice, but light baritone is OK. His adolescent build should contrast to the manliness of GUY.


GRACE, 18-24. Secretly biracial. And baseball fan. Student at Vassar.

HELEN, 18-24. Ambitious to a fault. Over eager. Afraid of failure. Will do anything to stay in school. Nickname - Len. Student at Vassar.

ELIZABETH, 18-24. Daughter of abolitionists. Wants to be a lawyer. Makes everything symbolic. Secretly Afraid of conflict. Student at Vassar.

CLARA, 18-24. Southern belle. Wants to feel strong, not fragile. Full, not hollow. Student at Vassar.

ANNIE, 18-24. Widow. Dreamer. Wants to move on and live her life. Afraid of life on her own. Student at Vassar.

MARIA, 40’s-50’s. Professor. First-year teacher. Famous. Astronomer. Wants to be alone and hide but needs people. Wants to be comfortable around people. Needs rules. First year professor at Vassar.

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