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LET'S FIX ANDY Will Have A Reading At The Wyoming Theater Festival!

May 30, 2017

I'm heading back up to Sheridan, Wyoming in September for the 2017 Wyoming Theater Festival because the festival is hosting a reading of LET'S FIX ANDY! HUGE thank you to all those great actors who gave me a hand putting a table reading of the play together for the artistic director, DannyLee Hodnett, because it worked! Woo!

Also, best of all, one of my favorite people on the planet is coming up with me. I wrote LET'S FIX ANDY for my good friend Chris Reed to play Andy. He's a fantastic actor that you might have seen on SONS OF ANARCHY as Filthy Phil for a few seasons, or as a guest actor on BONES, JUSTIFIED, or EASTBOUND & DOWN. He's usually one of the first people to read anything I write, we read my drafts via skype together playing all the characters (it's ridiculous and super helpful in my process). We've been wanting to work on something together since I wrote THE FANTASY CLUB back in 2011, and now we actually get to do just that! Dreams coming true, guys, it can happen to you.

The reading of LET'S FIX ANDY is scheduled for September 14th. The festival runs September 7-17th. If you're able I highly recommend making the trek, Sheridan is beautiful, and the festival puts up three brand new plays and hosts a ton of readings of even more new plays over the two weeks. This year in addition to reading LET'S FIX ANDY the festival will host readings of new plays by three playwrights from Roundabout Theatre Company! So come up to Sheridan, say hi, and get a taste of LET'S FIX ANDY!

Visit the Wyoming Theater Festival website, here for more info, or like their Facebook page. Or both, go crazy! And as usual, if you're reading this on my Facebook page, you gotta click through to my website for all the links.

See you in Sheridan I hope!

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