Rachel Bublitz


35 Submissions For The Month of May!

May 31, 2017

I'm on a submission mission to beat my all-time record in submitting scripts (which was 366 submitted scripts in 2014). After a rough April (only 19 submissions) I've bounced back this month with 35! Really I just need to submit more scripts than there are days in the month and I'll be good to go. So go May!

The 35 scripts from this month brings my 2017 count up to 173. Almost half way there! And since we're almost half way through the year too, I've just got to keep the submitting momentum going and I'm good to go. We'll see how I do in the month of June with my international vacation coming up, oh hey, I'm going to Australia in just a few weeks- woo! Check back next and see how much jet lag messes up my goal.

To all you writers out there, keep writing and keep submitting. Someone has to say yes eventually. At least I hope so.

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