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Only Five Chances Left To Catch Plan-B's (in)divisible

June 12, 2017

Cast of Plan-B Theatre's (in)divisible.

Saturday afternoon I finally got to watch Plan-B Theatre‘s (in)divisible and it was so fantastic. I want to gush all over the world about how good this show is. And best news for you! It runs five more times, so you've not yet missed your opportunity to watch some fantastic theater.

I was a little nervous sitting and watching, one because I was with my husband who is one of my toughest critics, but also because we were with friends whose political views don't quite match up with ours. I was worried that I'd somehow tricked people who disagree with me to sit in a dark space and be yelled at for two hours, but that's silly, because I've seen the show in rehearsal and I knew that wasn't the case. Couldn't tell my nerves that of course, but after the show as we were leaving one of my friends praised the show for representing so many different view points, and for not preaching. Which, I count as high praise, especially in today's political world where so much media is trying to paint folks who don't agree with you as evil or stupid.

I think what I appreciate most about this show, is that it shows people and not sides. I think reminding folks that we're all people is what we need right now. I was so proud to bring friends to this show, and I was honored to be a part of it. I can't wait to get more work in with Plan-B!

And yeah, I know, the show is sold out. But don't worry or fear, they're trying to get everyone they can in. So sign up for the waitlist, or show up about 10 minutes before the show and put your name down. Miracles can happen to you, I know it's true. Good luck!

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