Rachel Bublitz


30 Submissions for June!

June 20, 2017

Wrapping up my submission tally early this month because starting tomorrow I'll be on vacation. This past Friday I had a small freak out moment with all the preparations I had looming in my future (I'm allergic to packing for trips), only to realize that if I didn't push myself I was going to have super pathetic submission numbers for the month of June. Oh the horror! So I procrastinated my fun prep with work! And since I'd exhausted all of the email submissions opportunities, I spent the weekend mailing out scripts and script samples like the playwrights of yore.

And I did it! As of this morning with a sample sent off to Jobsite Theatre I hit 30! 30 submissions in for the month of June! Adding the 30 on to my 2017 so far total, my tally is all the way up to 203! Woo! Over 200!

Great! So now… I guess… Since I'm done submitting… I should probably go pack?

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